In 2021, approximately one third of all fatalities and serious injuries on our roads were motorcyclists, despite motorcycles only making up five percent of registered vehicles in Tasmania. Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users because there is little to protect them in the event of a crash.

The Towards Zero — The Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-26 sets out our long term vision of zero serious injuries or deaths from crashes on our roads, with a short term goal of fewer than 200 serious injuries or deaths by 2026. The Strategy is supported by the Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024 which includes key actions that are specifically aimed at making motorcyclists safer. 

Resources and campaigns:

Motorcycle clothing rated

You can’t beat Tassie roads

Enjoy the ride

Don’t ride naked

Lane filtering

More information for motorcyclists can be found in The Tasmanian Road Rules. 

Motorcyclist Graduated Licensing System Review – Public Consultation

Public comment has now closed for the Tasmanian motorcyclist graduated licensing system (GLS) to identify changes that will help make inexperienced riders safer.

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