Drivers and passengers continue to be the road user type most often seriously injured or killed on Tasmanian roads. Improved safety for drivers and passengers can be achieved through a better licensing regime, enforcement, active vehicle technologies, and safer, more ‘crashworthy’ vehicles. Managing travel speed and the road conditions will underpin improved road safety also. The 10-year upgrade program for the Midland Highway is an example of the type of road infrastructure required to help make our high speed road network safer. By 2025, the Midland Highway will have median barrier for much of its length separating opposing traffic and preventing head on crashes.  Extensive roadside flexible barrier will greatly reduce the likelihood of run-off road crashes leading to serious injury or death.  Highway intersections are also being treated to improve safety.

All these and more ways we are seeking to improve driver safety, can be found in the  Towards Zero – Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026 and the Towards Zero Action Plan 2020 – 2024. 

More information for drivers can be found in The Tasmanian Road Rules.