Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week each year highlights the need for everyone to use our roads safely. The annual Tasmanian road toll is an average of 36. About 300 people are seriously injured. That number of deaths and injuries in the same place at the same time, would cause a public outcry. But we accept the toll of road crash casualties. We shouldn’t, because each crash is preventable.

The Road Safety Advisory Council, Tasmania Police and the RACT are working together to provide a range of activities. Road safety awareness activities are held throughout the week. A highlight is a video competition that has a first prize of $5000, second prize is one year’s RACT Roadside memebrship and five free driving lessons.


This year’s finalists
Runner-up: Jay Yearsley 
Finalist: Will Camp
Finalist: Jack Cawthorn


Past Road Safety Week Competition winners


Road Safety Week television commercials