Media Statements

Something you should say

A real mate can tell a mate anything, including not to drive after drinking. That’s the message of the latest anti-drink-driving Real Mates campaign launched today by Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockcliff. Read more

Slow to 40 or below

Love is at the heart of a new campaign launched today that promotes safety around schools. The campaign appeals to drivers to slow down to 40km/h or below around school zones that include school buses, Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Garry Bailey said. Read more

3300 voluntary breath tests

A total of 3344 voluntarily breath tests were done by Road Safety Advisory Council volunteers during the three-day Falls festival. A Road Safety Advisory Council spokesperson said more than half the tests – 1982 – were done at three information station sites throughout the festival. Some patrons might have had more than one test. 3344…

A dangerous day

New Year’s Eve revellers can still be over the limit, long after they’ve had their last drink, Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Garry Bailey warned today. “If you’re going to the Falls, you can make sure you get home safely by getting a breath test before you go,” Mr Bailey said. A dangerous day

Tasmanians wrong about speeding

Tasmanian drivers don’t think speeding is the killer it is, Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Garry Bailey said today. “Only 24 percent of Tasmanian drivers think speeding is a major crash cause but the statistics – the reality – shows speeding is a factor in four out of 10 fatal or serious injury crashes. Tasmanians…