About Us

The Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC) was established in October 2010 and makes recommendations to Government about road safety policy, community, school-based and public education programs, expenditure of the road safety levy and oversees advertising campaigns.

The Council’s vision — guided by Towards Zero — The Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-26 — is for a Tasmania where there are zero serious injuries or deaths from crashes on our roads. The Strategy is supported by the Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024.

It won’t be easy and it will take time. But to realise the vision, incremental steps must be taken and innovative solutions investigated to build on past road safety achievements.

Around 300 people are seriously injured and killed on our roads each year. The Towards Zero Strategy has a target of fewer than 200 annual deaths and serious injuries by 2026.

Towards Zero – Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026