Drive safe, not sorry

A fine or loss of licence is what some people will get this Christmas.

But like road crashes, it can be avoided, Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Garry Bailey said today.

“The Road Safety Advisory Council’s latest campaign is about the high risk of getting caught if you’re driving unsafely.

“The campaign’s television commercial shows police working throughout the state, just as they will be this Christmas break. The message is ‘drive safe’ because if you don’t, the chances of getting caught are high.

“The road rules are there to ensure the safety of everyone. And police will be on the roads to make sure the rules aren’t broken.

“Everyone wants a fatality-free festive season. We did it last year and we can do it again if everyone sticks to the rules.

“Many crashes happen because a driver took a risk, be it driving too fast for the conditions, talking on their mobile phone or driving after drinking.

“Drive safe because police could be anywhere, anytime. If you take risks, you risk getting caught.”


Operation Crossroads – 2017 – Media Statement