Drive to the conditions

Not driving to the conditions is a major cause of death and injury on our roads, Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Jim Cox said today.

“Driving to the conditions is common sense. Change your speed that’s safe for the road and weather conditions. A road’s speed limit doesn’t mean it is safe to drive at that speed the whole length of the road.

“A lot of people will take advantage of the long weekend and go away. Driving can be tiring so at the first sign of feeling tired, stop and rest. If you can share the driving, share it. If not, don’t start your journey until you feel rested.

“Check your phone while you rest. Don’t be a goose. Leave your phone alone when driving, even if you’re not going on a long trip.

“A crash can happen in the few seconds you have your eyes off the road or a lapse in concentration.”

Mr Cox said free tea and coffee will be at locations throughout the State staffed by State Emergency Service volunteers on Monday between 10am and 5pm. He urged drivers to take advantage of the service as it was an opportunity to have a rest from driving and to refresh.

Driver Reviver locations are at:

  • St Peters Pass on the Midland Highway in the south
  • The Sidling Lookout on the Tasman Highway in the north-east
  • Parramatta Creek on the Bass Highway in the north
  • Fossey River on the Murchison Highway in the north-west
  • The Franklin River Nature Trail on the Lyell Highway in the south-west.

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