Don’t be a Goose

If you use your mobile phone while driving, you’re a goose.

Any good driver can quickly become a bad one – all it takes is a glance at your phone.

Good drivers – which most people think they are – don’t use their phone while driving.

A driver who does is a goose. That’s the message from the latest Road Safety Advisory Council advertising campaign.

Council Chair Jim Cox said inattention and distraction was a contributing factor in about a quarter of serious road crash casualties (fatalities and serious injuries) in the past five years.

He said the campaign was about changing a dangerous driving behaviour.

“But many people think driving while texting or using the phone isn’t dangerous. People who have been driving for decades consider themselves good drivers. They think they are experienced and skilled enough to drive and use their phone.

“They can’t. No one can drive and use their phone at the same time.  It’s never safe to do it. In the few seconds a driver has her or his eyes off the road while texting or talking a crash can happen.”

The television advertisement shows a driver using his phone turning into a goose.

“It’s a funny way of saying leave your phone alone when driving.”

Mr Cox said the campaign starts on Sunday and will be include a television commercial, online advertising, billboards and other print advertising.

Don’t be a Goose