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2021 road deaths – speeding still kills

In 2021, 35 people lost their lives, which is only slightly down from the 37 recorded in 2020. There were also 242 serious injuries on our roads, down from 290 in 2020.The impact of these deaths on our roads goes far beyond those killed – it affects families, friends and entire communities. Speeding was again…

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Tasmanians urged to slow down as road trauma speeds up

RSAC Chair, Scott Tilyard said the lead up to Christmas is a busy time for all of us and sometimes we’re in a rush to get what we need or get to our destinations. We might be tempted to go over the speed limit or answer that mobile phone text, but what might seem like…

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You can’t beat Tassie roads

If you’ve ever travelled around Tasmania by motorcycle, you’ll know that we have some of the world’s best roads to explore on two wheels, but no matter how good a rider you are, ‘you can’t beat Tassie roads’. That’s the message of our new motorcycle safety campaign that launched this week.

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