Falls Music and Arts Festival

The Road Safety Advisory Council has been a major sponsor of the Falls Music and Arts Festival since it began in 2003.

Festival tickets are given away each year through competitions on our Real Mates Facebook page. Like our Facebook page to keep up to date.

There are  on-site competitions and free breath testing each day of the festival and on New Year’s day. More than 4000 people were tested this year. The breath testing improves understanding of the link between the amount of alcohol consumed, how long ago it was consumed and the reading.

What you need to know about voluntary breath testing

  • The test result is an indication only of a person’s reading and is not legally binding.
  • The breath-testing device is a guide to measure the level of alcohol in your system.
  • It is not guaranteed to be accurate.
  • You should not rely on it when deciding if it is safe to drive or if your blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit for you.
  • You should wait at least 15 minutes after your last alcoholic drink before you are breath-tested.
  • Your blood-alcohol concentration may continue to rise for up to two hours after your last alcoholic drink.
  • If you are in any doubt about being under the legal limit, don’t drive.
  • Alcohol readings depend on a wide range of factors including gender, weight, whether or not food was eaten while the alcohol was consumed and the amount of time between the last drink and the reading.
  • The body’s processing of alcohol varies from person to person and it is possible for two readings to vary, even if you have not had an alcoholic drink between readings.

There’s more information about alcohol here.

There’s more information about the festival here.