Bus Drivers

Key Messages:

  • Display the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK message in a clear place to ensure it is visible to children.
  • Ensure children remain seated until the bus has stopped.
  • Encourage children to slowly and cautiously wait their turn to disembark the bus.
  • Advise children to stay out of the danger zone and make sure they STOP until the bus has left, then LOOK, LISTEN and THINK before they cross the road.

Tips for bus drivers

Take Care of yourself and your vehicle:

  • Get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel;
  • Eat well and stay fit;
  • Be sure to inspect your vehicle before each trip and check your brakes regularly;
  • Operate the bus in a safe and appropriate manner at all time;
  • Behave and communicate in a professional and courteous manner towards all;
  • Respect all passengers who use your bus and their property; and
  • Administer the rules governing travel on your buses fairly, consistently and impartially.

Behaviour Management

Code of Behaviour: Passengers & Drivers
of Contract School Bus Services

The following Code of Behaviour is one of a number of tools developed for use by school communities in pursuit of improved standards of behaviour by both the users and providers of bus services. Its use is entirely voluntary, however it is encouraged that this model is adopted and amended as best meets local needs and circumstances.

Agreement in Support of a Safer Transport

The Agreement was developed by the Student Transport Users Group and carries the endorsement of the State School Parents & Friends, the Tasmanian Bus Association, and the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

Its use is voluntary and its purpose is to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to safe and harmonious travel by bus. Find more information here.

Driver licensing and public
passenger licensing information

Make sure your driver’s licence, ancillary licence and your knowledge of the Tasmanian Road Rules are up to date.

Please see transport.tas.gov.au for;

  • Driver licensing information
  • Ancillary Certificate – Public Passenger Vehicle Licence, eligibility and renewal requirements
  • Tasmanian Road Rules Handbook and
  • Tasmanian Heavy Vehicle Drivers’ Handbook – A useful guide outlining rules and regulations, skills and correct attitude required by professional drivers.

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