Road Safety Week 2017

National Road Safety Week, founded and supported by the SARAH Group, coincides with the United Nations road safety week that’s part of the Decade of Road Safety. This year the Week is from 7 May to 14 May. The Road Safety Advisory Council, Tasmania Police, the RACT and Southern Cross Television work together on the Week’s activities in Tasmania.

Road Safety Week is to increase awareness about the need for all road users to be safe and courteous on the roads to reduce the chances of crashes that could result in death or serious injury. It is also about commemorating those killed or injured on our roads. Last year, 38 people died in road crashes in Tasmania and 279 were injured. Southern Cross produced a television commercial for each day of the week, see them here.


A competition for the best 30-second television commercial closes at midnight on Wednesday 12 April. The competition is open to Tasmanians aged between 16 and 19 at 8 May 2017. The first prize is $5,000, second is five driving lessons from the RACT and one year’s roadside membership. Entries will be judged on:

  1. Originality. How original/new is the idea and/or concept and/or execution?
  2. Creative merit. Level of creativity in using available resources to make an effective message.
  3. Clarity of message. How clear is the message? Can it be summed up in a simple sentence? Is it memorable? Is it relevant?
  4. Suitability for mass media use. Is the level of professionalism of a standard for posting on road safety authorities’ social media sites?

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully to make sure you have all the information you need. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 12 April. Email the link to your entry to In the subject line write: “Road Safety Week Competition”.

Past competition finalists and winners are here and here.