Take A Break

Take A Break sites

Many people go away on long weekends which involves driving for a longer time than usual. Driving requires 100 percent concentration 100 percent of the time so it is important for your safety and that of others not to drive when tired. Take a 15-minute break from driving every two hours.

Stop, relax and get a free cup of Bushells tea or coffee at  Driver Reviver sites staffed by State Emergency Service volunteers. The sites are open on the Monday of long weekends between 10am and 5pm at:

  • St Peters Pass on the Midland Highway in the south
  • The Sidling Lookout on the Tasman Highway in the north-east
  • Parramatta Creek on the Bass Highway in the north
  • Fossey River on the Murchison Highway in the north-west
  • The Franklin River Nature Trail on the Lyell Highway in the south-west.

Before starting your journey

  • Make sure you have at least seven hours continuous sleep
  • Do not start your journey when you would normally be asleep
  • Turn off your mobile phone – you won’t be be tempted to answer it while driving
  • Select the music for the journey
  • Make sure everyone in the car has what they need
  • Put on your seat belt and make sure everyone else has theirs on.
  • Ask yourself: am I ready to concentrate 100 percent on driving.

 During the journey

  • Concentrate 100 percent on driving 100 percent of the time
  • Take a 15-minute break every two hours.

There’s more information about tiredness and safe driving tips here.